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The one thing I always want to tell people about buprenorphine is how painless tapering off of it can be when you're ready to. Basically all of the literature/doctors tell you to jump off at 2mg which is completely insane. 2mg is a substantial dose. I wouldn't really recommend a taper plan that ends anywhere above 100ug (0.1mg).

Not saying everyone on buprenorphine should taper off but when I was on the thought of tapering scared me and I was shocked at how easily I was actually able to get off so I like to share that with others.
I meant to add this link in that post but I couldn't find it yesterday: Tapering off buprenorphine - Taper Schedule - Taper calculator

Several years ago when I was already tapering myself off of buprenorphine I found that page and shared it a lot because I feel it has a common sense approach that is very lacking in a lot of resources regarding this topic. I think the timeline their little "taper calculator" gives is maybe a little too slow but if you have the time doing it slow like that is probably the most painless way.

I had been on buprenorphine for I think 2 full years when I started to feel ready to taper. I'd been relapsing IV'ing heroin etc. here and there throughout that time but finally felt pretty stable and tired of the whole lifestyle I was living. I mentioned to my nurse that I was maybe going to be ready to taper soon and she suggested cutting my dose right then and there which absolutely freaked me out so I backpedalled and said I wasn't ready yet but maybe I would be in 2 months at our next appointment. It didn't help that I was selling >75% of my prescription for $20 each so I was basically refusing a free $1200 cash delivery every other month by ending my prescription when I did.

As soon as I got home from that appointment though I strangely felt super motivated to get off the buprenorphine. I had already only been taking about 2mg/day, which is really ridiculously easy to taper down to from 8mg. I started waiting as long as I possibly could between doses and then taking just the absolute minimum amount needed to function. I think I did my entire taper in less than 3 weeks, had maybe a day or two of slight discomfort because I jumped off a little early but if I had just continued to halve my dose for another week or so I probably wouldn't have even noticed when I finally jumped off.

If anyone ever wants to talk or has any questions about any of this my door is open. Same goes if you're trying to get on buprenorphine, which I'm also very supportive of. It was definitely helpful for me in getting away from full agonists and associated criminal activities and the general desperation of a non-prescribed short half life opioid habit, which can be a huge piece of the puzzle.
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@sybaritababy - I was on a low dose of 2mg and found it fairly easy to taper down to 1/4 pill or .50mg.
Getting down to .25 was a little more difficult, partly because the pieces would crumble to dust if I attempted to cut them any smaller. I think the film strips may be much easier to sub-divide in terms of that though.
I agree that if you've been on a low dose for only a year or two you can probably step down each week and be off completely with little or no withdrawals in about a months time They have a long half life, so you could probably even skip days and still avoid any acute withdrawal symptoms. PAWS or post acute withdrawl symptoms are milder but unfortunately could last awhile, especially if you've been using for a longer period.

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My doctor just lowered my daily Suboxone dose from 12mg a day to 8mg a day. I'm on day 3 of that. No withdrawal so far (except maybe very minor symptoms). I'm surprised, as I really was nervous about cutting my dose that much all at once. Hopefully I continue to have minimal withdrawal from this.

This is my first time being on - and getting off - a high dose of Suboxone (started on 16mg a day). However, I used to take like 1 or 2mg a day, I'd buy it off the street and use it on days when I wasn't using opiates. I got dependent on it, and definitely went through withdrawal when I went from like 0.5mg or 1mg a day to 0. It was like having the flu, I could barely work and eventually on day 7 had to call out sick.

Don't regret taking it then or now, though. It's a miracle drug for people who are severe opiate addicts.
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If you can stop using opioids without Suboxone or methadone, DO IT! You will save yourself SOO much aches and pains later in life. I promise. Suboxone/Methadone are both insanely more difficult to kick than any opiate. Just saying.
PAWS is real bad with suboxone.
I jumped off at 4mg which was dumb. Had some acute withdrawal symptoms and then depression for ages.
I was addicted to a short acting opiate so I had no precipitated withdrawal.

But yeah I got pretty loaded on it. Didn't really notice being high, just had no withdrawals and felt pretty chilled.. but later was told I had been slurring and really messed up whilst on it.
For those who use or have used Suboxone -- has anyone switched from the pill to this new shot?I think it's called Sublocade? lots of people are getting now instead of the Suboxone pills when they get clean.

I've thought about switching, just because there is some comfort in getting a shot once a month instead of having to take a pill everyday (I constantly worry about what would happen if I lost my pill bottle, or forgot to bring it on a trip, or whatever) but dont know how easy the process of switching over would be, especially since I"d like to wean myself off the medication over the next few years ideally.

Anyone have any experience?
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